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The Tech EdVentures team is passionate about the role which technology skills will play in our children's future success. Our professionals bring a diverse set of experiences including educational leadership, digital design, community organizing, operations management, finance and staff supervision. We love our work to create a unique, new learning space and measure success by the joy that our students experience as they discover, design, build and create. 

Meet the Team


Dr. Selis

Dr. Allen Selis, CEO

20 years of educational leadership including service as a private school headmaster in Silicon Valley. PhD in Curriculum Theory, University of Maryland, 2010.

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Kitwana Mobley

Kitwana Mobley, MBA, Dallas Program Director

Kitwana is a celebrated teacher who brings her passion for children's learning to every aspect of Tech EdVentures' program.

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Brittany Jones

Brittany Jones, Curriculum Development Associate

Brittany is a skilled 3D artist and teacher who motivates students to reach their greatest potential. MFA Arts and Technology, UTD, 2016.

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