About Tech EdVentures

one on one support of each student is part of our culture

Tech EdVentures was created in Silicon Valley by Dr. Allen Selis, a visionary educator who is guided by the belief that engineering,design and coding skills are so important that kids should learn them in elementary school.

What makes us different?

  • We tackle real challenges.  From wiring sensors to writing HTML code, Tech EdVentures asks kids to solve real-world problems using the same tools as professionals. 
  • We set high standards.  Robotics in Kindergarten? Python for third graders? Tech EdVentures lifts students up to meet their potential by setting
    consistently high standards for all.
  • We support great learning. Small classes, carefully chosen staff and a
    commitment to mentoring students make Tech EdVentures the place where young inventors thrive.

Classes That Inspire Greatness


Here is a brief sample of what kids can learn at Tech EdVentures.  For full descriptions, locations and timing, see our registration page.

  • Tiny Tech Classes.  Robotics and electronics for 4-6 year old children in a hands-on, exploration-based setting. 
  • Robot Garage.  A full course in robotics for students of all ages introduces circuits, sensors, mechanical design and computer coding skills.
    All levels from beginner to intermediate students.
  • Code Academy.  From Python to HTML and beyond, Code Academy gives kids the skills to write real code while solving a slew of creative challenges. Our most popular new class.
  • ​Minecraft Mods.  It's Minecraft for pros as our kids gain the coding skills to re-write their
    games using Java and JavaScript blocks.
    A great introduction to coding and critical thinking with a fun twist.
  • Digital Animation.  Create amazing characters that come to life in 3-D
    animation using the same software tools as industry professionals. 
  • ​Computer Game Design.  Create animated characters, game-fields, sounds and special effects using a
    professional game-design engine and lots of coding magic. Our most popular summer class!