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One student at a time

Tech EdVentures was created in Silicon Valley by a visionary educator with over 20 years of leadership experience. Our team has brought the best practices of traditional education to a field that has explosive potential for expanding horizons and changing lives. We'd love to share what we've learned with you.


one on one support of each student is part of our culture
  • Pathways to success  Coding and engineering are critical skills for a digital age. Children who design, problem solve, create and code witll have a significant advantage as they compete in a global economy that moves
    quickly and changes often...sometimes overnight. 
  • Skills that empower  Coding and engineering are intrinsicly rewarding and highly motivating for children including students with diverse learning profiles. Some of our most successful kids have learning challenges which slow them down in a traditional classroom. At Tech EdVentures, they thrive. 
  • Tools for creativity  STEM skills offer children new tools to express their creativity. Left and right brain are boldly engaged as our kids craft digital
    worlds, ferret out software bugs and build machines to solve real world problems. Welcome to the new fronteir of creative expression where
    ordinary kids routinely wow us with their originality as authors,
    inventors and designers. 

How do we teach?

What if MIT or Cal Tech ran a Montessori classroom?
It would look like Tech EdVentures! Here's why...

  • We're project-based  We don't just teach skills. Our kids solve real problems that
    they can see and touch during each Tech Edventures class. As projects come to life, students master a growing base of authentic technical skills.  
  • We're constructivists   Tech EdVentures encourages kids to experiment while exploring how electrical conductivity, control statements in Python or sensor processing interfaces in robotics work. As they progress through a carefully framed curriculum, children develop a rich understanding of technical ideas that they have discovered on their own. 
  • We're child-centered  We believe that children learn best from teachers and peers, not computer screens. Tech Edventures provides a high teacher to student ratio and emphasize the role of teachers in guiding, supporting and mentoring their students. We don't just provide teachers. We offer role models whose job is to inspire children and cheer them on towards their full potential for achievement. 

How can we help?

Tech EdVentures' expertise can enrich your school or district's STEM portfolio.
Our services include:


  • Curriculum development  Our field-tested curriculum for Grades K-9 has introduced thousands of children to engineering and coding. Custom solutions available for your school or district.  
  • Staff training  Teaching coding is engaging for kids and rewarding for teachers. We'll help your staff build skills and coach them towards expertise in this new field.  
  • After school  STEM clubs and classes including robotics, Python programming,
    video game design and more. Moderately priced or at no cost to your school.  
  • In-school field trips  Bring Tech EdVentures to your campus for a day-long odyssey filled with robots, flying drones and code-based problem solving. It will be an event that your principal celebrates and your students remember for a long time. 
  • Home schools  Tech EdVentures has partnered with home school families and co-ops to create high level, custom-content experiences which meet during convenient morning hours. Contact us with your needs.