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child-and-screen Too Much Screen Time?

How much screen time is healthy for your kids? A new study from N. America's premier medical journal offers clear guidance for parents and educators alike.
Bezos-main-header Amazon's $5B Decision & The Value of Coding Education

If you were making a $5B a year decision about where to locate your next company HQ, the quality of STEM education might make or break your choice. Here is why.
Red white and blue drone parade of the Houston Astrodome Gaga Over Drones (And Vice Versa)

How Intel flew 300 drones above Houston for Lady Gaga's Super Bowl sensation. And what it should teach us about STEM education for your kids.
coding allows special needs kids to thrive STEM for Special Needs?

My after-school Python programming class for 3-5th graders had just about wrapped up when Jarred’s mom came for him. Like any good teacher, I took a moment to give her an update.
Who Will Teach Kids to Code1 Who Will Teach Kids to Code?

Mayor Bill De Blasio's announcement that NYC schools must teach coding to all students drew immediate push-back from teachers. What should we do about it?