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whiteboardPicking the Perfect School

Ten years, one Ph.D. and thousands of conversations with parents taught me how to pick the best possible school for kids. Here are five great ways to find the school that will change your kid's life.
Red white and blue drone parade of the Houston AstrodomeGaga Over Drones (And Vice Versa)

How Intel flew 300 drones above Houston for Lady Gaga's Super Bowl sensation. And what it should teach us about STEM education for your kids.
coding allows special needs kids to thriveSTEM for Special Needs?

My after-school Python programming class for 3-5th graders had just about wrapped up when Jarred’s mom came for him. Like any good teacher, I took a moment to give her an update.
Who Will Teach Kids to Code1Who Will Teach Kids to Code?

Mayor Bill De Blasio's announcement that New York City schools will offer computer science classes to all students within ten years makes NYC the third city in the US to set the bar this high. All of this should be good news. But it's not, at least not yet.
Elementary Schools Need Engineering Labs1STEM Studies: Elementary Schools Need Engineering Labs

If your daughter's second grade did not have a reading curriculum or a math program, odds are you would be out the door tomorrow.