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Summer Tech Camp !

77 camp programs in four locations

Including: Three levels of robotics. Web design. Digital animation. Game design. Minecraft hacks.  Electronics. Micro-circuit programming. Tinker-camp. JavaScript. Python. Mobile app design.

NEW:  Half-day camps now available in Frisco August 1 -19! 

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Summer Camps by Age Group

May 31 - Aug 19, 2016

Tinker Camp - Entering K - 2nd Grade
Tinker Camp teaches kids how to design and build adult creations. Inspired by the Maker Movement, Tinker Camp will open up a whole world of creativity for your kids. Week long camp topics:
* Motor Mania (awesome projects with working DC motors)
* Electronics Shop (​batteries, LEDS and real electronic gear)
* Robot Garage (customize and program Thymio II robots)
Tinker Camp Schedules & Descriptions

Jr. Tech Camp - Entering 3 - 5th Grade 
In Jr. Tech Camp, kids develop practical skills that they can apply in small groups while solving real-world problems. At this stage, kids are ready to tackle more sophisticated challenges and create more interesting products. We provide them with the technical knowledge to solve real problems while building games, designing robots or writing working computer code. Weekly camp topics:
*  Coding/Electronics: Microchip Sensor Programming
* Coding: Hacking/Modding Minecraft
* Coding: WebMasters/HTML Camp
* Game Design using Game Maker Studio
* Robotics: Mission to Mars (Build, adapt and program Arduino robots)
Jr. Tech Camp Schedules & Descriptions

Sr. Tech Camp - Entering 6 - 8th Grade
In. Sr. Tech Camp, our campers are more mature and ready to work more independently while tackling new challenges. At this point, we actively accelerate the learning process while supporting beginners so that everyone reaches their own goals. It's time to learn a new coding language. Tackle a complex project. Design a new device or build your own gaming universe. Look for weekly camps that are focused, innovative and satisfyingly challenging.

Weekly camp topics:
* Coding: JavaScript for the Web
* Coding:
Hacking/Modding Minecraft
* Coding/Project Design: Mobile App Inventors for Android
* Design/Arts: Digital Animation Studio with Blender

* Game Design using Game Maker Studio
* Robotics: Garage Pro Edition (advanced coding for sensors)
Sr. Tech Camp Schedules & Descriptions

Half-Day Classes for PK - 10th @ Parish Episcopal
Half-day classes at The Parish Episcopal School's Midway / Sigma Rd. campus. Seven weeks of our most amazing classes including:

PK - Kindergarten

* Squishy Circuits / Electronics workshop and take-home projects

1st-3rd Grade

​* Young Inventors-Robotics / Intro to engineering skills

​3rd-6th Grade

* Robot Wizards / Intermediate engineering, design & coding for robotics
* Code Academy-Python / A great place to learn real world coding skills 

Hacking Minecraft / Go beyond mods with Java hacks for Mincecraft

4th-7th Grade

* Code Academy-Python II / Advanced Python programming skills

5th-8th Grade

* Digital Animation Lab for Girls / A supportive place to learn amazing skills

6th-10th Grade

* Code Academy-HTML & JavaScript / Web development skills

Parish-Midway / Half-day details & Registration